Jan. 20th, 2010


Jan. 20th, 2010 05:00 pm
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Spotify is finally available for Symbian phones (i.e. my trusty N- series Nokia) so I have bought myself a premier account for a month to see if it is any good. Of course being a tube using Londoner means I need to be able to use it in Offline mode, so I will have to see how O2 feel about me downloading lots of data on my phone on my ‘Unlimited’ Internet Add On. Depends on availability of the music I’m interested in I suppose, but it is good to be able to properly test drive music before deciding whether to buy it. I won’t need CDs to DJ off for much longer so I am in the market for a good mp3 purchasing solution. It also means I can listen to Spotify playlists in the gym and can listen to an artist I do not have on my phone if the fancy takes me.

While I’m on the subject, I have today had a proper listen to the most recent A Spell Inside release ‘Loginside’. Fans of A23, Diorama, Mesh etc should give it a listen as it is quality stuff. Even more important is that is it top notch synth-pop in a world awash with synth-pop bands, many of which are samey and mediocre. I’ve liked them for a few years but this release is a leap in quality for them. I know their promo/booking person and would like them to get a better UK following so I could bring them over (and finally see them live). They also sound a lot like the better known Behind the Scenes, a band with the same vocalist and includes an ex member of 90’s Goth favourites The Merry Thoughts…


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