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My head has been full of lots of stuff recently and as a consequence I haven't had the room to remember who has expressed an interest in DJing at Blacklist (we have received many requests). With the policy being to mix up the DJs every month, I need a decent sized 'DJ Pool' to keep the mix fresh and not have similar DJs on the same night. I am intending to have future DJs pencilled in a few months in advance rather sort them out in a panic a week before (as they have been).

Please make yourself known to me if you are interested. If you have suitable experience and fancy doing Departure too please also let me know, as we need a pool of guest DJs for when one of the residents is away.

People from outside London are very welcome but please note this is not a paid gig. Please also note that DJs who pull out at the last minute for reasons other than Acts of God/Illness will be moved from the Shortlist tab of my spreadsheet to the Shitlist tab...

If you are not an established DJ but think you could be, this is not the time to contact me. I am considering starting a 'Have a Go Half Hour' from March but only if I'm feeling nice. I don't want to start up something which is going to have everyone I invite suddenly changing their Myspace name to DJ Something and going around telling everyone they are now a DJ. I am hoping to find hidden talent via this slot but do not expect to find it in all who 'have a go'.
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Loads of quality clothes for sale. More to come!
Includes Lip Service, latex, Raven and lots of corsets.
All prices including postage.  Paypal only please.

Click here for the goodies! )


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