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The first Blacklist of 2010 will be this Friday (5th February). This year we plan to continue to provide you with a refreshing mix of DJs ever first Friday of the month and still all for free. The music policy is still “dark music from 1977 onwards”, which includes various flavours goth, indie, rock etcetera

This month’s DJs will be
  • Victoria Fenbane (that me!). Resident DJ of the Goth Floor at Slimelight and making a return to DJing after a small break and bursting to let you hear some of the excellent music she has come across in her time out. 
  • Steve Nine (previously know as Knine or ‘Steve from the Dev’) will be providing the visuals for the night as usual, along with DJ sets featuring music videos for extra eye candy.
  • Andy Ravensable providing top sounds of the dark kind.
  • Ben Christo of Sisters of Mercy, who is a regular guest of Slimelight’s Goth Floor as well as being resident at Inferno. (Ben will be playing the 9pm-10pm set before he dashes off to DJ at Inferno.)

The Elixir Bar can be found at 162 Eversholt Street, 5 mins from Euston and Mornington Crescent Tube stations. Blacklist runs from 8pm to 1pm and there is a happy hour on cocktails until 9pm. The Elixir Bar also serves tasty and reasonably priced food until 10:30pm. There is no admission fee and no dress code at Blacklist (feel free to get dressed up if you like, many of us will be).

If you choose Blacklist as your pre-Inferno meet up venue ask for a stamped flyer at the bar for discounted entry all night.

If you have any questions/comments about the night, then please send them to me via LJ or to fenbane@gmail.com.
If you want to receive news and updates about Blacklist or its sister event, Departure then please join their respective low spam Facebook groups:

Blacklist: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=95113828463
Departure: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=73745275020

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